Embrace Yourself

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Most women seem to fear their sexuality. They consider it to be a sin – something to be ashamed of, something to hide. Cultural viewpoints have been constructed in a manner which oppresses women’s desire – holding them prisoner to the believes and norms of the customs. However, it needs to be understood that this is inherently wrong. Here is why you should not be ashamed of your sexuality: 

It’s your body – your right

First of all, is the concept bodily autonomy – you have the right to enjoy it the way you want. If you believe that the concept of bodily autonomy is ludicrous and does not exist, then look at the world around you! In this male dominated, patriarchal world, men are hardly ostracized for seeking bodily pleasures. ‘Men will be men’ they say. Then what about women? Equality does not end with the right to vote, it goes way beyond to your most intimate possession – your body.

You have the right to decide how you please yourself

If your body is your own, then you also have the choice to please yourself the way you deem fit. You do not always want a man to satisfy you – at times, it is more gratifying to discover yourself. Buy women’s sex toys online and experiment with them.

This can not only give you satisfaction, but also make you more confident about your sexuality and as to what exactly you want from your sexual partner. There are ample choices to go through when you buy women’s sex toys online, so have a go! Find a reliable online store for sex toys.

To have sex is not to commit genocide

All these notions of remaining ‘pure’ till you marry, or not being promiscuous seem to apply to women only. This is quite surprising, especially considering the fact that men do have sex with women. However, it is always the woman who is condemned and humiliated. What needs to be realized is that sexual intercourse is a completely natural phenomenon – something that we as humans engage in, naturally.

Do not succumb to what the society expects of you

Society loves to stereotype. It loves putting people into boxes, labelling them for specific something. And it is our job not to yield to that. Be it the way you dress, the way you speak or even the way in which you embrace your sexuality – do not let them label you. Fight back, be brave and speak with confidence. That can do more difference than you think. At the end of the day, it is us who give birth, it is us who give life, and therefore we also have the right to live life the way we want to.