Impact Of Pornography In Our Society

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While we sing the glory and advent of internet today there are many drawbacks along with them and they must not be ignored. Internet has been a blessing a very good friend in recent days. One cannot their lifestyle without internet. It is the lifeline of every individual. You need to know something; internet will acknowledge you with everything you need to know. You can get enormous amount of knowledge through internet. Internet has taken the toll these days. People are able to get anything and everything at their doorstep through internet. Let it be the food, grocery or shopping, people are used to internet. Our lives are somehow limited to the inner walls and we spend most of our times sitting in front of our computer. We need to do shopping; we order it online instead of going outside and shopping around. Internet has become our best friend and we have forgotten to make real friends in our life.

However there are millions of positive side of internet and we cannot imagine our life without it. They are requirements now. There was time when we had only three basic requirements but now they are four which includes internet. Whereas the negative side of internet is that it contains lot of adult content and pornography which affects the life of children and spouses. These sites are easily accessible and they are misused by children. Earlier sex related issues were limited to the best brothel but with the development of internet, it is circulated through mobile phones. There is no problem in spreading the sex education among children and other ages of people but they are more misused than used. And when such unwanted adult contents fall into the hands of children they are deviated from their passion and they indulge themselves in wrong activities. They are no more focused toward their goal and become a prey to the wrong people.

Adult contents and pornography to some extent is beneficial for many people but if it falls to the end of the children it works as an evil teacher. It can be educative and informative if considered that way. In many countries which have cultural values it hurts the moral and ethical values of the company. For many stereotype people their ethics and religious values are hurt and they are totally against such contents on the internet. For adult and married couple it is very educative and they can learn many ways to have intercourse with their partner. It is totally upon us that how we use internet. We can use it as a blessing or a boon. We can control its use among children and avoid its misuse.